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Hello! I'm Santush Deb Nath, based in Bangladesh I have been working with web development since 2015, the period during which I have worked in different environments, from big software companies to start-ups. I am a self-motivated and self-taught professional who likes to solve problems.



User Study — Research — Goals

Problem Finding — Goal Analysis

Developing UX — Visual strategy

User Testing — Design & Deploy


Currently I am working as a freelancer and on contract basis with project or contract, But in the past I have worked with some great agencies, clients and delivered amazing products which users enjoy.

I merge a passion for usability and user experience with technical knowledge to create cool digital experiences. My repertoire includes programming languages and tools such as Node.js, Express, React JS, Redux, Next JS, Vue JS, Vuex, Nuxt JS, WordPress, Laravel Framework, Redis MySQL, PostgreSQL, Nginx and Apache server configuration, Gulp, SASS, LESS, Git, Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery, and more.

Preffered Projects

I like projects that allow me to play with my creativity and are not limited to conventional design only. I do not take stand-alone development projects. I design and develop together or design only.

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